Our activities are focused on innovation ecosystem development in a co-creation philosophy based on close partnerships with SMEs, local actors and political challenges.

Innovation Collaboration & Programs development:

Our team of expert support selected high-value interventions in five thematic areas namely: Health-Tech; Agri-Tech; FinTech and Smart Cities.

Innovation Hubs Development:

We support & assist the development of innovation hubs focused on the prototyping, experimentation and the anchoring of innovations in specifics geographic zones for the Switzerland Confederation such as Tunisia, Ghana, South Africa in Africa

Best Platform:

We offer our Swiss approach, skills and know-how through supporting research, public-private collaboration, knowledge brokering and management network by introducing new approaches and rational models to thrive economic development and sustainable impact.
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A technology and business-oriented independent foundation for international technologic and innovation cooperation in several geographical regions.


Thanks to our deep expertise in the open innovation & tech hub landscape, we foster our experience to open perspectives through supporting research, knowledge brokering and management network helping to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship for the private & public sector.
We aren’t just exploring innovation, we’re applying it. Our approach to open innovation is different:
Through a holistic process including all the local actors, we enable companies to collaborate with an ecosystem of collaborators, from startups, universities to tech enablers, to solve major enterprise & political challenges.

The benefits of our unique approach?
Faster and cheaper technology development, innovative products and services, innovation hub development and new paths to market for SMEs.
We promote support seeking to reinforce the culture of innovation in public and private sectors to nourish a greater innovation-based knowledge cross-sharing by the linkage with your proper challenges.

We pursue regional & inclusive economic development and the development of innovative ecosystem promoting growth entrepreneurship and SMEs open innovation mindset by:
Raising the interest of entrepreneurship;
Providing support to SMEs in their open innovation challenges;
Increasing global collaboration to an ecosystem level.
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